"MIMI" or the Montreal International Music Initiative was intially formed by a group of people who failed to take part in 3 major healthcare administration programs in United States. In order to avoid any other stupid mistakes they decided to start a business selling candles in bulk. And they did it and had plenty of success till 2012. Nevertheless, one of the co-founders suddently got addicted to juegos (games) like FFFrozen Games lol and instead of trying to find new ways to get leads and traffic to the website he spent all his money buying high level players for the above mentioned games. In the end he lost everything, the council of their business decided to throw him away and he focused on his new start-up "The Happy Wheels". That's how it all started and this is how it all ended. If you want to find out the remaining part of the story feel free to contact us at admin@mimimtl.com. We'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding!